Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Any good, and common Irish names?

I'm part Irish and I've been trying to find some cool Irish names online. Can you tell me some common Irish names that people in America have, tell me if it is a girl or guy name, and the meaning if possible?|||Universal :Paddy

Male: Patrick

Female:Patricia|||I like Shamus and Monty.... actually my mini schnauzer is named Monty, but they tend to blend in with Scottish names too|||Male-Sean|||I've always liked the Irish names Chloe and Colleen. Don't know what they mean though, sorry.|||鈥?/a>

There you are ^.^ Thank you for taking interest in our beautiful culture. Personally, I have always like Niamh|||hey i'm irish and some of the really nice irish names include:


orla or orlaith

clodagh ( pronounced chloe-da)

aoibheann (aveen) means 'beautiful'

茅abha (ava) irish version of the name eva

e铆mear (eemer)means blessed with 6 gifts of beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom and chastity.


O铆s铆n (osh-een)


Eoghan (o-wen) means god's gift or youth


R贸nan (row-nan)

hope i helped :)|||Liam is fav for some reason.

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