Saturday, February 4, 2012

Does anyone know how to pronounce the Irish male name Moriarty?

I am huge on names. I definitely want to give my children, if I ever have any, a very unique and hardly used name. I'm part Irish and part Scottish. Looking up Irish names I came across the name Moriarty. It looks like an interesting name, but I need to know how it's pronounced so I can see what other names would fit with it. If anyone can help, or give me a url where it tells me how to pronounce it, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.|||MORE -ee-are-tee or MO-ahr-ee-are-tee. The first one is how most people end up saying it, the second is the technically correct pronounciation. It's like Amelia should be said ah-MEE-lee-ah, but ends up being said ah-MEEL-yah. ;)|||I've never heard of it as a first name here in Ireland, but it's common enough as a surname - it's pronounced

Mur-ee-art-ee|||Professor Moriarty was the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes...I suppose you could watch some old films to learn how it's pronounced:)|||Go type it into YAKiToMe! and it will pronounce it for you properly. -- free text to speech synthesis.|||(more- yar- tee)|||it is pronouned :MO EE R T

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