Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can you translate to Irish Gaelic the names Hunter, Tanner and Eathan?

I would like these names translated to Irish Gaelic if anyone can please|||There are no Irish versions of those names. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Irish people were forced to change their names to the closest sounding English names. So someone called S茅amas would have been called James in English, because they sound similar, not because the names are translations of each other. You also have other names like Colleen or Erin that are anglicised versions of Irish names, so they also have an Irish "translation". But Hunter, Tanner and Eathan don't fit into either of these categories, so you can't translate them into Irish.|||The Irish word for "hunter" (one who hunts) is "sealgaire" , but it's not used as a given name.|||Never heard Hunter as a name in Irish, Tanner is a surname - 脫 Tan煤ir for a male, N铆 Tan煤ir for a female. Eathan - again not an Irish name so there isn't really a translation unless you make one up. Aodh谩n would be the closest I could think of, it's the Irish for Aidan, and it's pronounced Aythawn, it's a lovely name.

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