Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is the true Irish way to spell Connor? Also any good Irish baby BOY names that start with a "C" Thanks!?

The Irish version of the name is Conchubhar (I'm open to correction on the spelling). The most common way of spelling it in Ireland is Conor.鈥?/a>

Other names begining with "c" are Ciar谩n, Cian, Colm, Cormac, Cillian and Cathal|||The name Connor is an anglicised version of the true Irish name 'Conch煤r'. In Ireland the spelling 'Connor' is mostly used.

Other Irish male names starting with C can be found at the site below.|||Conor is the correct form of spelling the name.

Also, try

1) Colm- means dove, and is Irish

2) Caelan- means slender lad, and is Irish

I personally love Colm!

Good Luck :)|||Conor (with just one N). It means Wolf Lover. Other Irish names Ive heard is Cillian and Conley.|||Colin|||Callum



try|||caleb i think

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