Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irish baby girl names, and middle names?

What are some really pretty Irish names and middle names for baby girls?|||Irish names are so pretty! My name is Shannon and I love it!

Here is a great site where you can listen to how the names are pronounced. Hope it helps!鈥?/a>

:D|||Caoimhe IS pronounced KEE-va / KWEE-vah, depending on accent. What you wrote is an ignorant take on Gaelic phonetics, which have nothing to do with English phonetics.

I love:

Siobh谩n (she-vaughn)

R贸is铆n (ROSH-een, means "little rose")

S茅arlait (shahrlot, Irish form of Charlotte)

Saoirse (seer-sha, means freedom)

PS: It's spelled Niamh ("neev"), not Naimh.|||Caoimhe is the most beautiful Irish name I know of. It is said KEEV-ah. Soibhan is also lovely.|||Shannon

Caoimhe (kee-vah)

Ciara (keer-rah)|||Tara Ashlyn

Kerra Aislin


Brianna Kaylin

Cassidy Reagan

Kyla Shay

Gia Tierney|||Saorise Kate

Niamh Lorelei

Caoimhe Isabella

Ciara Felicity|||I have a friend who was born in Ireland, her name was Aoife (ee-fa) it's so pretty|||Naimh


Iona|||Clare|||Umm caoimhe isnt pronounced keevah LOL

Its pronounced kay-oh-me

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