Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are your favorite Irish/Gaelic names (or anglicised)?

What are your favorite Irish/Gaelic names, or anglicised versions of Irish/Gaelic names?|||Girls --- Shannon, Arthurina, Fiona, Brigitta, Lindsay, Siobhan.

Boys --- Donovan, Arthur, Desmond, Niall, Caol谩n, Nelson, Callaghan, Keenan, Tristan, Brennan.

Shannon, Donovan (my #1 favorite boy's name!), Arthur, Desmond, Niall, and Nelson are all on my favorites list. Arthurina, Brigitta, Lindsay, Siobhan, Caol谩n, and Callaghan are all on my guilty pleasure names list. And the rest I just like.

:)|||For boys I like Declan, Kieran %26amp; Seamus. They're anglicized because I am Irish and I know how to spell/pronounce those names and I know a lot about my heritage BUT, my family knows nothing about it..

For girls I like Moira, Caoimhe %26amp; Aoife. The only one that is anglicized is Moira because I don't really like any anglicized girls names :-P|||For girls my favourite is Cadhla pronounced kyla which means beautiful, Caoilainn (kaylin), Aishling, Orlagh, Aoife(eefah) Niamh(neve), Brianna, Darragh, Bronagh, Caoimhe(keeva), Cassidy, Kennedy, Riley, Keira, Kianna, Cadence,Grace, Corragh, Rhian, Michaela,Kayla, For boys Cathal (irish for charlie) donal, paedric (patrick) Aindrias(andrew) Bradaigh,Carraig.|||None of mine ar anglicised versions because I live in Ireland. Besides, I think anglicising an Irish name ruins it.

My top 5 for girls are: Aoibh铆n, Caoimhe, S谩bha, Aisling and R贸is铆n.

My top 5 for boys are: Ois铆n, D谩ire (or Darragh, either spelling is fine), R贸n谩n, S茅amus and Fionn.|||Elesh (Eye-Lish) (For a girl)

Cian (Kee-in) For a boy

I'm Irish and my last name is O'Quinn :))

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