Saturday, February 4, 2012

List of female Irish first names?

I need two things, please. a) A list of female names that are of Irish descent and b) I need to know if Savannah is an Irish name, and if not what descent it is from. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!|||List of Irish female names:

:: Aibhlinn "ave + leen"

:: Aoibheann "eve + een"

:: Aoife "ee + fa"

:: Ashling,

:: Aislin,

:: Aislinn "ash + ling"

:: Caireann,

:: Cairenn,

:: Ciaran "care + in"

:: Daireann "dar + rawn"

:: Eibhleann,

:: Eibhlin "ave + linn" "eve + linn"

:: Granuaile "graw + nya + wail"

:: Maebh "may + v"

:: Roisin "ro + sheen"

:: Saoirse "sear + sha"

:: Siobhan "shiv + awn"

:: Yseult

:: Isolt

:: Iseult "ee + solt"|||Random names?

a) Ciara (Keer-ah)

Caoimhe (Kee-vah)

Aisling (Ash-ling)

Ailbhe (Al-vah)

Aoife (Ee-fah)

脡abha (ay-vah)

Sadhbh (SIVE)

Siobh谩n (Shih-vawn)

b) Um, definitely NOT Irish! It's an English word for:|||This is a good site for Irish first names:鈥?/a>

Savannah is Spanish.

Have a good day!

:-)|||Savannah is Spanish鈥?/a>

I like Alannah鈥?/a>

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