Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irish Gaelic translation of the names Cassandra and Cassie?

i want to get my name in irish gaelic on my wrist but i cant find out what it is and i want to be sure before i get it done. so i hope you can help|||"Cassandra" is neither an Irish name, nor is it a Gaelic name. It's Greek and German. Therefore, you will not be able to directly translate your name into Gaelic.

However, you can translate the meaning of the Greek name "Cassandra", and match it with the Gaelic name meaning the same thing.

"Cassandra" means "unheeted prophetess"... basically, "prophet".

Here are the Gaelic equivalents:

"Ainmire" meaning "Great Lord"

"Cairist矛ona" and "Cairist矛ne" meaning "Follower of Christ"

"Chevonne" meaning "God is Glorious"

"Cr铆st铆ona" meaning "Follower of Christ"

"Ffraid" meaning "The Exhalted One"

"R铆ona" meaning "Queenly"


Also, the Gaelic names "Cassidy" means "Curly", and the Gaelic name "Casey" means "From Cayce".

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