Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Opinions on these Irish names please?

They're all Irish names. I live IN Ireland and therefore they won't be any problem so there's no need to point out that people will find them hard to say/spell because they're all very common names where I live.

For a girl:

脕ine R贸is铆n (Awn-yah Row-sheen)

Caoimhe Bl谩thnaid (Kwee-vah Blaw-nid)

For a boy:

Ciar谩n Fionn (Keer-awn Fyun)

Ois铆n Gear贸id (Ush-een Gar-road)

Thanks for your time! :D|||









(Sorry.about.the.annoying.dots)|||脕ine R贸is铆n for the girl and I like Gear贸id in the boy's name choices, actually I like the two middle names for the boys but not so much the first names. maybe Gear贸id Fionn.|||I really like

脕ine R贸is铆n %26amp; Ciar谩n Fionn

I wish I could use lovely names like this, but it would hell on a child where I live, not a single person would ever have any clue how to spell or pronounce their names. Best wishes.|||Hi there!

This one is super pretty for a girl....脕ine R贸is铆n (Awn-yah Row-sheen)

And I like this one a lot for a boy....Ciar谩n Fionn (Keer-awn Fyun)|||I prefer Aine Roisin and Ciaran Fionn mainly because I know a Roisin and a Fionn, I expect although Georoid is a great name too.|||脕ine R贸is铆n

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