Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How do you spell these Irish names?

Neeve and rusheen|||Niamh, Roisin|||Niamh and Roisin (there's a fada on the last 'i' but my keyboard doesn't do them.)

In Irish myth Niamh was a fairy woman who took the warrior Oisin to Tir nan Og,land of the Ever Young.

Roisin would translate into Rosaleen or similar in English. It is known through 'Dark Rosaleen',the poem by James Clarence Mangan,and is sometimes thought to be synonymous with Ireland itself.|||Niamh agus R贸is铆n|||Niamh and Roisin


roisin (row-sheen)|||Niamh


R贸is铆n.|||Niamh and R贸isin (though R贸isin is pronounced Roe-sheen)|||Niamh and Rois铆n(with out the fad谩, thats the accent thingy, it would just be Roe-shin)|||Niamh, Roisin. And you say them 'Nee-av' and 'Roe-sheen'.

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