Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Irish boy names do you like?

What's your favorite Irish boy names?|||Patrick|||Well, I like Jack, although it's getting quite trendy. Also, the "jax" in Ireland is the toilet, so if you live there you might want to take that into consideration! I like Micheal, the e before a is the Irish spelling. Aidan and Liam are sweet but also very trendy at the moment. Padraig is the Irish form of Patrick, but the pronunciation is similar.

I also like Eamon, pronounced AY-min. Also Conor, Brendan, Killean, and Ronan. Ronan is Irish for 'little seal.'

Good luck!|||Conor or there's Setanta - named after one of our most legendary tribesmen.

Then there's Oisin (pronounced Ush-een) who is another folklore figure...

I think Ronan is nice, it comes from the gaelic for a Seal.|||Anthony ;)|||Patrick|||I dont care names are names|||Patrick and Liam|||paddy o'hulahan|||bagpipe!|||Fag and Cock|||Ryan. (I'm pretty sure it's an Irish name)|||I love Caleb : )

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