Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are some Irish names?

I am working on a book, and I need some Irish first, middle, and last names, if you would please tell me some in a nice, orgonized format, I would be ever so grateful, so thank you in advance for the help that you are giving me. Please provide as many as possible, the one person who provides the most will be nominated as the best answer, and get the better points. Thank you all though, thank you.

Karen Moore|||鈥?/a> :For Irish first names :For Irish first names with meanings.鈥?/a> :this for Irish last name.

Hope it helps.|||My last name is irish. It is McFann. Any name that has that Mc is irish. My friend is from scotland and his last name is McCreadie. Also my in laws last name is McDowell. hope this help. good luck!

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