Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How do you pronounce the Irish name Kennis?

Is it pronounced the way it looks? Many Irish names aren't and I wondered. Can't find the info anywhere on the net. Thanks.|||Yes

It's Ken and nis

nice name good luck|||Rhymes with Dennis. Nice name!|||Not quite sure but it looks like probabley Dennis, but with a K. Its a beautiful name.|||I looked it up, it should sound like Ken iss, the 2nd n is silent.|||Kennis is a beautiful name, literally, the meaning of it is "beautiful."

It is pronounced exactly how it looks. The link has a pronunciation guide that will help you see the Irish names that are pronounced differently in Irish than we would read in English.

I hope it helps!|||Technically, the Irish names that aren't pronounced "how they look" to anyone not familiar with Irish Gaelic are just that -- traditional Gaelic forms. Kennis, on the other hand, just appears to be an Anglicization of Canice, a variation of Coinneach meaning "handsome/attractive; pleasant." Actually, the same root as the Anglicization Kenneth. ;)

And yes, Canice is basically said KEN-iss (or technically, KAN-iss, for the original form), so KEN-iss would seem correct here. Most Anglicized spellings exist to make the pronunciation clearer -- Angus rather than Aonghus, for example -- so you usually needn't worry about mispronouncing them. ;) You can hear Canice/Kennis said here, by the way:鈥?/a>

Hope that helps!|||KEN-iss

not Ken-is

or Ken-ISS

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