Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it true when the slaves were freed they were given mostly Irish last names?

Most kept former master's last names, or chose common ones, such as Silver or Smith|||probably... cuz Irish and Italians were also discriminated in U.S back in the day. and were not given jobs and were called animals... thats why so many started forming gangs|||I think they were humans, so they gave themselves their last names or stuck with their former slave masters' last names for the reason that centuries of mixing and loss of culture had taken place.|||I really do not think so. I grew up in the South and have lived in many different states (N, S, E %26amp; W), and have met many black people, and neither their names nor customs were Irish. There has to be a joke here somewhere - I do not get it.|||Emancipated slaves were rarely "given" last names. Most of them just tacked on whatever last name they though was cool. As another poster stated, many of them took the last name of the planter they worked for. I've noticed a lot of blacks with last names like "Jackson", "Franklin", "Jones", "Greene", etc.

Any Irish relation is irrelevant.|||Nobody gave them last names, they already had the last name of their masters, that's usually how it was done

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