Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are other names for Irish Dancing?

me and mom were watching dancing with the stars when there were people irish dancing an my mom was trying to think of another name for irish dancing. do you know another name for irish dancing?|||There are many types of formal Irish dance; jigs, reels, hornpipes, sets, half sets, polkas and step dances. The stage productions of Irish dance were called 'Riverdance' and 'Lord of the Dance'

When a group of people get together informally to Irish dance it is called a 'c茅ili' (pronounced kay-lee), this is often called 'c茅ile dancing'.|||step dancing, clogging, jig|||Clogging is not a term for Irish dancing, but a term for a Western style of dancing that offshoots of Low British dancing, taking bits of Irish, bits of Scottish, bits of tap, you know.

Irish jig is not another term for Irish dancing, because it's more specific where Irish dancing is a general term (Irish reel and Irish hornpipe for example, also fall under the category of Irish dancing).

As previously mentioned, ceilidh (as it can also be spelled) is a term used, but it's more social, and resembles square dancing more than the stuff you see on Riverdance.

It can be called stepdancing in some instances, but the preferred term actually is Irish dancing.|||Clogging and jigging, probably among others|||Irish jig

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