Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What are some good irish Guy names?

I'm looking for names that have good meanings like strong or brave good pure ect.|||Donal (D贸nal) - world mighty

Conan - swift-footed warrior

Thomas (Tomas) twin

Keane (Cian) - ancient, enduring

Keiran (Ciaran) - little dark one

Dillon - faithful, loyal

Neil (Niall) - passionate

Aidan (Aedan) - born of fire

Patrick (Padraig) - nobly born

Connell (Conall) - friendship

Barry (Finbar) - fair-haired

Riley - courageous

Conor (Conchobhar) - lover of hounds

Shaun (Se谩n) - God has favoured

Ardan - high aspiration

Finn - fair-haired

Donagh (Donncha) - brown-haired warrior

Brian - noble, strong

Colin (Coilin) - chieftain|||Sean = God is gracious, or Gift from God

Ryan = Kingly

Killian = fierce

Finn = fair - I like this name

Declan = full of goodness

Ainmire = great lord

Anluan = great hero, or great champion

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