Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is a good Irish name for a boy?

My husband and I are trying to think of Irish names for a baby boy but dont like the common names like Riley. We are trying to find something more unique.|||Sean, Jack, Connor, James, Dylan...

Here's the top 100 boys and girls names in ireland to give you some more ideas:鈥?/a>|||My favourite Irish boys names are:

脫is铆n (Osh-een)

P谩draig (Paw-drig)

S茅amus (Shay-mus)

Odhran (Or-an)

Cormac (Cor-mac)

Fionn (Finn)

Eoin/Eoghan (Owen)

Caol谩n (Kay-lan)

Darragh (Dara)

Riley isn't an Irish name. There is no 'y' in Irish. It's the English version of an Irish surname 脫 Raghallaigh. No one in Ireland would ever even use that as a first name. The names I have listed above are far more normal and more common Irish names.

Edit: Most of the names people have given already are English names. Can't people tell the difference between Irish and English?|||鈥?/a>

That's a link to a bunch of Irish names :)|||Did you know that the name "Anthony" means worthy of praise, it may not be Irish but I think its cool and worthy of thought.|||Connor



Oh and I like Keigan too.

answer mine please:;鈥?/a>|||I have a Kieran. Not uncommon there but not common in NorthAmerica.|||Spicy McHaggis|||Smithy McSmith|||Kieran or Rory|||I like S茅amus (SHAY-mus)|||A buklao|||Danny Greene|||I love Ian and Keigan

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