Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Which of the Irish names do you prefer?

Just concentrate on the Irish girls names as the bottom, ignore Emily Charlotte and Connor James.|||I love Aine it's very pretty.|||I personally saw no names on your list that held any appeal to me. My abiding criticism of each of them was the difficulty the child would have explaining them to others while growing up and living in America. What would be called for in that case are names commonly accepted as Irish in America:

Colleen Meaghan Katie Erin Clare Kerry Brigid|||I like Roisin the best.. then Aoife|||Roisin|||I prefer the names either, pipe or bomb|||So's a tie between Caoimhe and Aine. I think I'm going with Aine.|||Aibhlinn and Saoirse are pretty|||I like Aoife.|||i like rosin for a girl

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