Friday, January 20, 2012

Any ideas for cute but unique irish names?

I loveeee irish names and the way the sound completely different from their spelling.

i was wondereing if anyone knows some other irish names that practically no one has in the u.s.

one that i really like is the girl from atonement.

her name is saorise pronounced (seer-shu)

any other ideas?|||You mean names in the Irish language, Gaeilge. This is why they sound so different from the way they look to an English speaker.

I personally like the name Bl谩thnaid for a female although some people from other countries find it difficult to pronounce. I would pronounce it "Blah-nid" but this could differ depending on your accent. The name comes from the Irish word bl谩th meaning flower. Some say it's the Irish language equivalent to Florence.

|||My name is Erin It is used as a poetic name 4 Ireland

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|||Niamh (NEE_uv) is pretty rare. So is Mairead (muh-RADE). Cillin (KILL-een) is good for boys, as is Dara (sounds like it's spelled in this case, though if you really want a tough spelling it's easy enough to find). Caitlin is nice if you pronounce it the actual Irish way, which is more like cawt-LEEN than KATE-lin. |||Mair茅ad (mawr-ade)

Siobh谩n (shuh-vawn)

Meadhbh (mave)

Aisling (ash-ling)

Aoife (ee-fuh)

Oh, and it's spelled Saoirse :)|||bridget. unlike saorise (which sounds nothing like seer-shu) people will pronounce it properly for the rest of her life.

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