Friday, January 27, 2012

Irish Names?

I am Irish so i would like all my children to have Irish names- first or middle. I like Aoife and Oisin but was wondering if there are any others and what they mean, and Aoife and Oisin mean in English.|||Aoife:

Gaelic form of the name Eve. Aoife was a daughter of King Dermot of Leinster who married the Norman invader Strongbow.

Site 1:

"MacMurrough offered Strongbow his eldest daughter Aoife (Eva), in marriage, together with the right to succeed MacMurrough as king of Leinster."


Gaelic: deer, a legendary figure

脫is铆n was the son of Finn Mac Cumhaill, leader of the Fianna.

Site 2: below 脫is铆n in T铆r-na-n-脫g

Site 3:

List of the 100 most popular Irish Girl's names and 100 Irish boy's names with their Irish Gaelic Equivalent and Meaning/Origin at the site below|||Patrick is a good irish name. Shamus is a really irish name|||go for a more mainstream Irish name if you do not live in Ireland. My Irish parents gave all of us really difficult Irish first names and middle names. They are always mispronounced . Also, since I grew up in North America I always wanted to fit in with a more regular name. In adulthood, it doesn't matter, but why not go something easier on your kids. Maeve is a nice Irish name (though it does mean Intoxicating One.)|||I assume that you live in the US?

Although these are lovely names, the average American will have too much difficulty pronouncing them. Don't do that to your kids. Half of us can't even get Bono right!

What about Liam? Erin, Finola, Keira, Adian, Adrian, Flynn or Galen are all "real" Irish names that are easily pronounced in the US.

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