Friday, January 27, 2012

What are some Irish middle names for Eamon for a boy?

Other then Patrick,Connor,Aidan.

Any thing else you can think of?|||Eamon Caoimhin

Eamon Sean

Eamon Padraig

Eamon Oisin

Eamon Ronan

Eamon Lorcan

Eamon Lonan

Eamon Eoghan

Eamon Seamus

Not including the appropriate grammar, because I'm too lazy to look up the alts right now and I don't know them off by heart.

EDIT: Here are a few I had copy/pasted with the alts:

Eamon Cad谩in

Eamon Ciar谩n|||Firstly I absoloutley love Eamon. It's the cutest name ever. How about

Eamon Fionn

Eamon Eoin

Eamon Ron谩n

Eamon Gavin

Eamon David

Eamon Turlough

Eamon Darragh|||Sticking with the Irish theme...

Daragh (oak tree)

Doran (wanderer)

Conr铆 (wolf king)|||Eamon Kellen/Kellan!|||Harry|||Eamon Cairbre.

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