Friday, January 20, 2012

Need help with making up ridiculous but plausible Irish names for a hen weekend?

There are 16 of us going to Edinburgh next weekend. We have already come up with Bridie O'Reidmy, Asumpta McCrackin and we had tons more, which we now forget in sobriety.

So any help will do.

Thanks|||Justine McGee, Pat McGroin, Patty O'Furniture, Eileen Dover, Glenda Lough, May Ryder (a real person in my village), Siobhan Urnikkers.....

Wait for Podge and Rodge to respond to this one, they'll surely have a few gems...|||Sheila O'Blige|||erm well u could try Shilpa O'Shitty or kelley O'Kelly

hope it helps|||phil mc,crackin , phil mc,cavity ,c.u.m on eileen , feely o'reely , |||Shinty McGinty or vice versa Ginty Mc Shinty... ?


I'm crap at this ..


|||Garhodene Mac Gee, Comageen Mac Wheelie, Desiree Ui Busaget,

These are Supposed to Have Fada's and Builte's over the e's and b's to make them Officially Oirish.

Delirah O Fannyagen, Maelssheachlan O Tooley. Gubhnet O Pissycoo. Siobhan O Wackamaneeni

I would like to see you Write all these Names on a Hotel Register or an Official Guest List at some Posh Function with a Poker Face on you.|||Fidelma D'Arcy

Ailenn De Bar (struggling here)

Other mad Irish names,

Peig ni feckin...,

Dympha O Frisky

Majella ni Houlagain

I'll have to add the surnames later...I'll get thinking,can I be Assumpta, LOL?|||******* Bridey.|||Siobhan McGee.

Or Fiddle McGee, may be a tad inappropriate tho!!|||Phylis ni glassagain|||Phil McGoother, Fanny Phelan, Cliona Cocks, Iona Massey Ferguson, Suas the Guna Una, Fanny Burns, Dolly Bird, Siobhan Your-Knickers, Wanda Freeley or Freda Filler.

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