Friday, January 20, 2012

What are your favorite Irish Baby names?

Looking for an uncommon but not WEIRD Irish Baby name, boy or girl. any suggestions?|||I love Kian its pronounced key-in and I love Aedan and Caoilainn which is pronounced kay-linn|||I used to live in Ireland when I was a teen for about 5 yrs.

My fav names I ran into were Declan for a boy and Ashleen for a girl.

some other cool ones Siobhan (like shavon) for a girl and then I like Liam too.

Siobhan translates to Joanne/Joan and Liam is William.|||Liam, Colin for boys

Aislin (pronounced Aye-slin) Siobhan (pronounced Shu-bahn) for girls|||Moira (pronounced Mora).|||my husband's name is Sean. that's irish.|||Bailey, Liam, ..I'm thinking|||My daughter has a irish name: Erin Colleen.|||Well my name is Shannon, after the main river in Ireland. That's the only Irish name I like :)|||I love the name Liam, it sounds so cool.|||what about 'Niall' for a boy pronounced nile. thats what we were going to have|||My son is Colm and our baby girl on the way is Tierney

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