Friday, January 20, 2012

Any Irish names that sound like Romeo and Juliet?

I have an english assessment and I have to kind of change up the Romeo and Juliet story. I decided to make it Irish. I've looked for J, G and R Irish names, but they aren't really what I was looking for. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.|||Seamus and Erin.

Patrick and Sinead. (Pronounced Shin-ade)

Conor and Siobhan. (Pronounced Sha-vaun)

Cameron and Michaela.|||The letter J isn't used in Irish names, so names that begin with J are usually translated into Irish so that they start with an S (which is usually voiced as 'sh') and G when used in names would usually be the hard G sound as in 'girl'.

Siobh谩n, Sin茅ad, or S铆le (Sheila - it's actually the Irish for Julia)

Ronan, Rory (Roar-ee) would be strong sounding (authentic Irish!) boys names.|||Boy Names w/ R:


Reilly, Riley "rye + lee"

Riordan "reer + don"

Ronan "ro + nan"

Ruari "ro + ree"

Can't find any Girl names with J/soft G. Sorry.|||In indian we have sonni (female) %26amp; mahiwal ( male) give a india touch.|||Rory and jools

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