Friday, January 20, 2012

May I have a list of traditional Irish names and their meanings?

I really love Irish names, I just think they're really beautiful. May I have a list of girl, and boy names, with their meaning?


Breasal - (BREE-sal) "land of the young" or "land of the blessed."

Adair - from the ford by the oak trees

Sleibhin - (SLE-veen)-mountain man

Carrick - rock

Tulley- at peace with G_d

Ciaran - (KEER-an) Old Irish=ciar "dark"

Quillan/Quillon - cub

Oran - (OHR-an) from odran, Old Irish word for "otter." Saint Odran is patron of Waterford


Aine - (AW-ne)- brilliance

Niamh - (NEE-av) Old Irish=Niam "luster, sheen, brightness, radiance, brilliance

Devnet - little doe

Sheena - G_d's precious gift

Siobhán - (shuh-VAHN) gracious

Sissy - also can be Cecilia - blind


xx|||Saoirse (SEER sha) -- Freedom

Caoimhe (KWEE vah) -- Beautiful Girl

Sorcha (SURK ha) -- Radiant

Ailbhe (AL vah) -- White

Saibh (SIGHV) -- Sweet, Goodly

Niamh (NEEV) -- Bright

Ailís (AY lish) -- Gaelic form of Alice

Ciara (KEER ah) -- Black

Roisín (ROW sheen) -- Little Rose

Aoife (EE fa) -- Beautiful, Radiant, Joyful

Clodagh (CLOW dah) -- female Deity

Eimeár (EE mur) -- Six gifts of Womanhood

Maebh (MAYV) -- Intoxicating

Mairéad (mur AYED) -- Gaelic form of Margaret

Réiltín (RAYL-teen) -- Little Star

Síofra (SHE fra) -- Sprite

I'm Irish. These are my favourites.

ETA -- the link provided in the second response is full of names that are about as Irish as "Kaitlyn" and "Shaun". Please, don't take seriously, at all. Their the soul advocates for misinformation and ignorance in modern society when it comes to naming.|||…

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