Friday, January 27, 2012

What are your favourite Irish names?

Real Irish names only please, no English forms!

My favourite Irish girls name is Caoimhe (Kee-vah) and my favourite Irish boys name is Séamus (Shay-mus).

What are yours?|||Deirdre (I also like Ceilidh, but only as a middle name)

Liam (but Connor is nice, and Tiernan is growing on me)|||I'm Irish, and I pronounce Caoimhe as Kwee-va (I know 2 girls called Caoimhe)!

Well I like Sean, it's my brothers name, it's Irish for John and My brother is named after our granda John/Sean (He gets called both) and I like the name Sean. But It's 1 of the most common names in Ireland!

I also like Setanta, Callum, Oisín, Senan, Séimí, Finn, Cathal %26amp; Cormac. For girls I have a lot less, Gráinne, Muireann, Madailéin, Sorcha %26amp; Saoirse.|||I really like Caoimhe too. My favourite Irish girl's name is probably Aoife, and I also like Saoirse and Siobhan.

For boy's, I like Ciaran, Eirnin and Faolan.|||Caoilfhionn (Key-Lyn) and Aoife (EE-Fuh) for a girl

~αѕнℓєу иσєℓℓє|||I love the names Róisín and Saoirse, but unfortunately I live in Virginia, and I

don't think they will be able to pronounce them here.|||Niamh, Aoibhe or Saoirse for girls.

Séamus, Niall, Ruaidhri (Rory), Cillian or Ciarán for boys.|||Cillian, Liam, Niall are my favorite boy names. Aislinn and Aibhlinn for girls, but we're going to use the Anglicized version of Aibhlinn (Evelyn)|||Aiofe- /ee-fa/ for a girl

Cian- /key-in/ for a boy|||My husband is irish were naming our little boy ireland|||Niamh






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