Friday, January 27, 2012

Which of these Irish male names do you like most?

I realize these may be strange to those of you outside of Ireland or those who are completely unfamiliar with Irish culture,language rules and phonetics. But please try your best and choose the name you like most =) Thank you

(Pronunciations provided)

Ciaran (keer-awn)

Aodhan (ay-dawn)

Cian (kee-in)

Fearghus (fer-gus)

Ois铆n (uh-sheen)

Ruarc (roark)

Sean谩n (shan-un)|||Ciaran.|||I like Cian and Ruarc and Seanan. I looked up the meanings. Cian means ancient and enduring.Ruarc means famous ruler, and Seanan means,little wise person. All very nice.|||i like cian and oisin, i was considering declan for my baby, and i think that was irish! just a suggestion though lol|||Love the names Ciaran and Cian.|||Ciaran :D|||Cian|||Cian :)|||Oisin! It flows so beautifully. It sounds likea guy named that would be smart, handsome, quiet and very cool. Maybe he'dbe in a band or the poetry club. Oisin, ur ma kinda guy!|||I like Aodhan and Cian. (:|||I love Ruarc. (:|||1st one!!!!!

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