Friday, January 27, 2012

What are some Popular Irish names?

Is Ronan a popular irish name of Irish orgin?

What are some good Irish names for boys and girls?|||I like Ciaran, Cahir and Eoin for boys

And Niamh, Aisling and Siobhan for girls.

Although the pronunciation is always a bummer (Kirin, Cahar, Owen, Neve, Ashling and Shevaun)...

Edit: Just remembered Taigh Kennelly (Tige) who used to play football - our Irish teacher (Ronan) always loved that name.|||Patrick of course ;-)

Ronan is a pop stars name..

bono isn't a real name.. he's really Paul, and bono vox is a brand of hearing aid.. edge isn't real either =)

john , james are 2 more.

hhmm girls names.. Mrs doyle of course =) now what was her first name?!?!

sobain.. errm Neve... loads more|||Shawn (boy)

Heather (girl)

Hope that helped (:|||patrick paidrig paul liam sean aine

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