Friday, January 20, 2012

What are some really strong Irish names?

My friend is having twin boys. The one will be named Shamus. What strong Irish name goes with Shamus? Also she needs help with the middle name too.|||Search here.Millions of good names

Good luck|||Seamus Brogan and Brennan Carey

Seamus Carey and Clancy Brogan

Seamus Carey and Connor Brogan

Seamus Carey and Doyle Brennan

Seamus Brogan and Finnegan Doyle

Seamus Doyle and Flann Connor

Seamus Doyle and Kane Grady

Seamus Brogan and Keegan Doyle

Seamus Connor and Kilian Flann

Seamus Connor and Teague Brogan

I prefer the spelling Seamus|||Try this site, gives hundreds of Irish names…|||Adam







Conway|||caihome, pronounced kee-va|||Padraig

means: little cub

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