Friday, January 20, 2012

Which of these Irish/Gaelic names do you like/dislike?

-Hagan (Hay-gen, like Hayden)



-Cavan (Kav-an, like Gavin)

-Kason/Kasen (sounds like Jason)




(And yes, I know they are not traditional Irish names, but they are versions/variations of them.)

Thanks!|||I like:




I think they are super cute and unique.|||-Hagan (Hay-gen, like Hayden) - Ew. No, ugly.

-Rogan - Okay-ish, not my fav.

-Ryland - Good, cute.

-Cavan (Kav-an, like Gavin) - Nope. Not working for me.

-Kason/Kasen (sounds like Jason) - Okay-ish, sounds made up.

-Carden - GROSS.

-Broden - HAHA You have to be KIDDING.

-Keane - It's the name of my favorite band, actually. You should look them up their great. But for a name no.|||Like: Rogan, Ryland, Kason

Dislike: Haga, Cavan, Carden, Broden, Keane|||I love Ryland and Kasen actually. The others are okay, I suppose.|||I only like Ryland.|||Ryland is the best of them.|||I like Ryland ^^|||I like Kasen and Ryland

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