Friday, January 27, 2012

What names have both Irish and Hawaiian origins or Welsh and Hawaiian origins?

My husband is Hawaiian and I am Irish and German. We recently came across the name Kai and found out that it is both Welsh and Hawaiian (and also Greek and Scandinavian apparently...). But we just thought that it would be great to have a name like that for our coming daughter.

What names kind of have something like that?


Thank you|||Alanna/Alana -Gaelic means rock/Hawaiian means awakning

Emelina -German and Hawaiian, could mean work

Kalini, Katalina, Katarina are under Hawaiian names, are greek means pure

Kolina -greek and Hawaiian means maiden

Aleka -greek and hawaiian means defending men

Kai -Finnish means rejoice/Hawaiian means Ocean

Lana -gaelic means rock/Hawaiian means awakening|||It's okay, but maybe you could give your coming daughter a Hawaiian first name and an Irish or Welsh middle name or vice versa.|||Aleka. Its greek and hawaiian. pronounced. uh-lee-ka|||鈥?/a>

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