Friday, January 27, 2012

What are names of Irish Step Dance songs that I can practice to?

So, I am taking a Irish Dance class and I want to practice to some music. I am look for reel or jig songs. Thanks a million if you can give me an answer!|||There are a bunch of CDs out there that have a great mix of songs and are specifically for practicing, which is cool. Some of the ones I know of/use are:

Step Into the Beat--Ellery Klein %26amp; Ryan Lacey

Marney McCague--Again

Those are both available on iTunes, some others are Niall Mulligan and Raymond J. Smyth, but I haven't heard those.

Other artists not on iTunes that have good practice music are:

Kin'sha (they just came out with a new album)

Chris McGregor (accordions galore)

Bradley Brothers (still traditional, but more modern sounding than Chris)

And all of them have reels and jigs. :)|||I like to practice to Tony Nother's music as well as Marney McCague. It really depends on how traditional (or not) you prefer.

All that matters really is the speed. My daughter practices to pop music sometimes.

This site has a lot of good practice music.鈥?/a>

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