Friday, January 27, 2012

I need an Irish girl baby name with two middle names!?

I'm planning for a baby girl and I need an Irish name for her. I'm thinking Deirdre or something...Her two middle names can be of any heritage, but what sounds good with Deirdre? Plz Help!|||What about

Deirdre Gael Ryanne

Deirdre Aeryn Rae

Deirdre Ann Isabel

Just a few. Deirdre is such a pretty name and is kinda hard to find 2 middle names...but anything you chose is going to sound beautiful with it.

Good luck :)|||Beautiful name. Congrats! Glad we could all help :)

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|||I have always liked Rhiannon as an Irish name.....

Bridget is another good one as well as Kathleen

Deirdre Ann Marie sounds good. Deirdre Elanie is another good one.|||Deirdre Katherine Anne|||Deidre Anne Louise

Deirdre Catherine Jane

Deidre Marybelle Elise

Deidre Hannah Rose

Deidre Jenna Kate

Deidre Melisah Anne

Deirdre Abigail Maureen|||Deirdre Maeve Siobhan|||i love Maeve or Aislin { pronounced Ashlyn}|||…|||Deirdre Ailish Kelly|||Why two middle names?

Deirdre is a hard one to pair two more names with. Hmmm... I'll keep thinking.|||Deirdre Siobhan

Deirdre Dana Kelly

Deirdre Dearbhail Nicole

Deirde Eileen Etain

Deirde Eilis Grainne

Deirde Rian Isleen

Deirde Fiona Alyse|||Deirdre Sarah Mae

Deidre Maggie Mae

Deirdre Elizabeth Rose

Deirdre Catherine Anne

Deirdre Lee Rose

Deirdre Lily Rose

Deirdre Lily Grace

Deridre Lynn Grace|||Quinn|||Deirdre Breanne Kiara

Deirdre Eilena Bryna

Deirdre Fiona Aileen|||I love the name Deirdre.




Best of luck to you and your baby!|||I really like the name Tamsin.

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