Friday, January 27, 2012

Irish names?

what are some good Irish names for a boy? So far i got Leif, David, Terrance, Connor... what else ya got?

also, if you have any Irish girl names, be grateful.|||liam,micheal,sean,patrick, brendan........and so on|||My Family is from Ireland, we're second generation here, we've fought in America's wars, and worked hard to become American citizens, we try and do as much as we can to be Americans, we're proud of it, and left the old country behind for our new one !|||Ok this is my question: Shell I am irish and my family names:

Patrick, micheal, shannon, taylor, shawn, Think of some more I will come back.|||Bridget and Shannon are some girls names.

Shane is a boys name.|||Cillian, Sean, Patrick, Casey, Seamus, for boys

Shannon, Brigid, Morgan, Hannah, Dierdre, Colleen, Chloe for girls|||Aedan, Aodhan, Aengus, Aonghus, Oengus, Ailbe, Ailill, Alroym, Ardan, Art, Bartley for boys

Aileen, ailene Ailis, Ailish Eilis, Eilish Alannah Alanna, Alana for girls

theres these and tons more at its a really nice site it has tons of irish baby names and even a little button you can press to hear how to pronunce the names. It also gives a full explanation of the meaning of the name. Good luck with your new baby!|||I'm partial to Seamus and Eoin as names for a spallpeen.|||Morgan

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