Friday, January 27, 2012

How the hell do you pronounce Irish names?! Is there a trick to it?

it depends on the name , my name is Deirdre pronounced Deer-dra, my sisters name is Br铆d, pronounced Breed because the Fada over the i changes and strecthes the sound.

Ciar谩n is pronounced Key- rawn

Caoimh谩n( kevin in irish) is pronounced Kweev-awn

P谩draig is Paw-rig (NOT pawdrig like all the golf commentators pronounce Padraig Harrington's name!)

Eamonn is pronounced A- mon

S茅an is Shawn

but it all depends on what part of ireland the person comes from as the different accents change the sound, there are 3 different dialects of irish in ireland this also changes the sound, hopes this helps.

tadgh is Tie-ge|||Yeah, handy if you speak Irish. lol What names you trying to pronounce? :o)

Padraig is pronounced- Pour-ik (literally Pourik)

Tadgh is pronounced - Ti-ge (like tiger without the R)

Hope that helps :o)|||The same as any other language.


begorra an sure.|||Heavy drinking before the attempt|||Speak with a lisp? idk...i think 'u' is pronounced with a more 'uh' or 'oh' sound...just try and sound english....once again idk...|||No, i don't think so just try and put on an irish accent.|||you need to have food in your mouth to correctly pronounce them ;)

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