Friday, January 20, 2012

What are some traditional Irish names for a male and female?

Okay this isn't for actual children but you all are so great with names here I figured this was the best place to look.

I just adopted two Irish Wolfhounds(male and female) and I would like to give them traditional Irish names...something a little more unique than the typical Irish names like Connor(even that's a cute name just not a name I'd give my dog)

I'd appreciate the help.|||Caoimhe "pronounced keeva...means gentle, precious, beautiful (girls name)

Shea "pronounced shay...means admirable|||Brynn (BRRR-IN) girl. Kieran (K-EAR-IN). Boy.|||Ciaran




O'Connor, O'Henry, O'Patrick, etc.


B茅ibhinn "Bay vin"




See also here:鈥?/a>

or here|||How about using place names instead, like Blarney, Mayo, Shannon etc, rather than actual names. Or famous peoples names/surnames?

Though Seamus and Sinead sounds quite good together!!|||Patrick for a boy and Quinn for a girl.|||Fiona %26amp; Ewan

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