Friday, January 27, 2012

Irish Names: Saoirse vs. Sinéad vs. Whatever Else You Can Recommend!?

I really love Irish names starting with S.

If you have any others, please suggest.

But I just seriously love those two. What do you think?|||I love Saoirse!

And I know it doesn't begin with an S but Aoife is also pretty awesome.

What about Siobhan?

~Kieran's Mummy|||Glenn is very nice Irish name. But are you looking for male or female names? Or both?

Fallon is a nice Irish name for a female.

I always liked "Liam" which is William in Irish. It is a very nice name and middle name in Irish.|||I prefer Saoirse to Sinéad but don't really like either.

Some suggestions;

Sadhbh (Sigh-v) Might be way too weird for the book though

Siobhán (Shiv-awn)

Síomha (Sheev-vah)

Síofra (Sheev-fra)

Sorcha (Surr-ka)|||I like Saoirse...


~Shauna (shaw-na)

~Sheenagh (shee-na)

~Sibeal (shib-ale)

~Siobhan (shiv-awn)

~Sorcha (sor-aka)

~Sheelagh (she-la)

* There ya go...|||I love Sinead, Saoirse isn't my style. Seamus is one of my favorite Irish names.|||I love the name Saoirse, and I also really like Siobhan|||Saoirse-My friend is called that and i call her Saucy, but i actually like her name :)|||Siohban|||i dont like those names but i do like Sierra and Shauna better

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