Friday, January 20, 2012

Why don't we call Ireland Éire when we say Taoiseach and Garda and Tainiste and other Irish names?

I think it sounds nicer as well.|||It sounds much nicer, it should be called Eire.|||You could take this to its logical conclusion and ask just why we don't just switch between Irish words and English words a few times in every sentence.

Personally, I hate it when people (a lot of people from Britain do it) write EIRE (gan fada) at the bottom of an address that is otherwise in English.

....... Co Dhún na nGall, Éire or Co Donegal, Ireland.|||Why do't we say Báile Átha Cliath and Luimneach ect.?

Because its Irish, and we no longer speak Irish but English (Yeah thanks England.) and Ireland is the English :)

We say Taoiseach and Garda just like the British say Prime Minister and America say cops. Its just why, and also I think its because it is the Irish taoiseach so they say it in Irish.

Also on most maps you'd see "Ireland (Éire)" :)|||good question. If we did that irish would definitly be recognized as a language all over the world :)

Its just always been like that i suppose. When we were with England it was the the united kingdom of Britain and Ireland, then with the treaty england renamed us the irish free state and we just kept ireland as each government went in and out up to now. It would be nice for everyone to call Ireland Eire or Eireann?|||It makes much more sense to call them prime minister, mp's, police etc then by calling them Irish. No one really uses irish in every day life anyways. OP you even proved this point by misspelling tanaiste.

It just seems really silly to call every thing Irish when we all speak english|||I agree.Éire it is then.No more calling it Ireland. :)|||it does sound nicer and i think it should be changed to Éire

good question|||its much better than saying the republic|||Its a sign of the desire to be part of the UK again. The link remains this way.

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