Friday, January 20, 2012

Does anyone have any ideas for common English/ Irish names?

I need both first and surnames for boys and girls. A rather long list would be great. I'm writing a Harry Potter fan fiction and I'm in need of names for a lot of students. The story takes place in Harry's fifth year about Cedric and if he had a sister, Natalie in the same year as Harry.|||English/Irish common names:

Lachlan Darcy Robertson (Lok-lan)

James Sylvester Brown (Jim)

Angus William McDonnell

Patrick John Kelly (Patsy - common in Ireland)

Alistair Sean Stewart

Louis Ryan Morrison (Lou-ee)

John Alexander O'Flaherty (Jock, John or Jack)

Thomas Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Patrick Richards

Charlotte Jean Wilson

Emily Grace O'Toole

Hannah Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Claire Molloy

Jane Marion Webster

Louise Philippa Johns

Katherine Anna O'Brien

Bridget Mary Smyth

Ellen Catriona McCrae|||A little History...



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