Friday, January 20, 2012

What are some Irish names for a filly or colt?

We are having a filly or colt due near St. Patricks day and would like an Irish name. Please give us some suggestions.|||You could use the Irish (Gaelic) words for filly or colt as their names.

Filly: Searrach (pronounced sarr-ock) or

Colt: Bromach (pronounced brom-ock)|||Shamrock|||Meghan, Tara, Shamrock is nice, too, Scarlett, Lyra, Kyra, Liora, etc. Good luck!|||Name it St Patty ,or St.Patrick or patrica ,or Pot of gold, if its a good race horse!|||Irish Shamrock



O'brian|||鈥?/a>|||Morgan, Blaney (old family name), or use this link for many other Irish and Celtic names It has where you can click for girls or boys depending on which is born. It also gives the meaning for each name too. Luck would be to have one of each born though. I named my one son Sean which means "God's gracious gift" in Irish it is also John.|||Do you want a human name?? You might want to look at a baby name book or web site, in the Irish section.

Off the top of my head, I'd say "Patty, Guiness, Dublin, Shamrock, (suggested before), or maybe the name of an Irish township that you find really beautiful.

Great luck to you on the new baby!!! :)

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