Friday, January 20, 2012

Anyone know any good irish names for a male cat?

he is solid white with grenn eyes. his first name is charlie %26amp; i need a irish middle name for him. i adopted him so i am going to keep charlie for his first name but i want to call him by his middle name. think of some good ones. thanks!|||Hi there...Kieran (meaning the great ole dark and mysterious one).|||Um, you probably confusing the cat to answer to anything now. Stick with its first given name.|||Grady|||Oran

The meaning of the name Oran is Green

The origin of the name Oran is Irish|||Finnegan|||whow about patric? Charlie patric??? eh??? not bad!!!!|||O' Shaunessy...|||O'doyle.


Finlay.|||Patrick or Paddy.|||How about Shawn?

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