Friday, January 20, 2012

Is it strange that a Canadian loves Welsh and Irish names/culture?

I am from Canada and have absolutely no Welsh or Irish heritage, but I know almost all there is to know about both cultures. I am also obsessed with traditional names of both cultures.

Would you find it odd for a Canadian with no attachment to either culture to love and no so much about both?

Thank you for answering.|||Not especially. Lots of people the world over are fascinated by different cultures, and the Celtic cultures seem to have a particular appeal. I know someone who teaches Welsh in Moscow, and obviously there's a market for it there.

Why do you think you might be strange in this?|||Since this is not about genealogy, I will respond from the obsessed collectors prospective. No it isn't odd. People have interest in many things and collect what they have an interest in. Since you know so much about both cultures, you might consider writing about them.

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