Friday, January 27, 2012

Where can I listen to Irish baby names?

I am looking for Irish baby names boy and girl...

Does anyone know a web page where you can listen to the names being said to you???? or have any Ideas to Irish Names....|||www.

Here are some names


Mahon, Brannon, Synon, Quinlen, Connor


Caitrina, Kemla, Rosheen, Moira, Talulah

Good luck

Congratulations||||||Why don't you buy a book or get a list off the Net then take it to a person who speaks Irish.

Maybe the Irish Chat Room might be able to help.||||||go to this web site

reg names tranlated into Irish names


Patrick = P谩draig

Christopher = Cr铆ost贸ir

Matthew = Maiti煤

Andrew = Aindr茅as

Peter = Peadar


Mary = M谩ire, or Moira

Eva = Aoife

Sarah = Sorcha

Kate = Catraoine

Grace = Gr谩inne

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