Friday, January 27, 2012

What do the Irish gaelic names of mainistir, fhear and maighe translate into english as please?

I seen three statuse in Fermoy, county cork with those three names on. Mainistir, fhear and maighe.|||This is the full Irish (Gaeilge) name for Fermoy, and means Monastery of the men of the plains. 'Mainistir' translates to 'Monastery', 'Fhear' translates to 'Man' and 'Maighe' translates to 'Plains'. The three statues of monks stand outside Christ Church in Fermoy. You can see a photo of the church among the 'Picture of Fermoy' at the first site below and a closer look at the statues in the second site.|||Mainistir can mean monastery or abbey.

Fear means man

Not sure about the meaning of maighe....

Do you have any more information on the statues? Or try posting this under Travel and Ireland and you might get someone in Cork to help you out|||Mainistir Fhear Maighe = Fermoy

Its the old Irish name for Fermoy. As far as I can remember from school it translated to something like "Abbey of the field men" or something to that affect.

These days its called Mainistir Fhear Ma铆

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