Friday, January 27, 2012

Ideas for Irish names that will not get my kids made fun of?

And will also be easy for Americans to pronounce. Both boy and girl names. What are the most phonetically pleasing ones that fall into these stipulations?|||Ryan Casey Sean...Millions of good Irish names to Choose from very popular here in the States. I think all Irish names are very popular these days.|||Why made fun of? They are lovely. Siobhan, ( girls name, you might want to spell it Shvaun or whatever) Brendon, Patrick, Kelly, Fion ( pron. Finn, for a boy) Patricia ( old fashioned but very nice) Clancy, Delaney ( girl- I think its Irish), Ian ( John) , Fiona, Brian,etc.|||Michael for a boy

Carmel for a girl|||Shannon is a beautiful for both!|||Bob teh Builder!|||Deirdre for a girl

Dermot for a boy.|||Niamh - pronounced Neve (Girl)

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