Friday, January 27, 2012

How do you pronounce the Irish names, "Aislina" and "Aislinn?"?

10 Points for Best Answer! Thank you!

By the way, I promise you, I'm not searching for a name for my baby because I'm not pregnant, as I am only 13, but I just thought that this section would be an appropriate one to put my question in. Thank you!|||ASH-lee-na



That is the correct gaelic pronouncation. You can check on this site:


Of course, now some people are saying it like ACE-lin or AS-lin (Like the lion from Narnia)|||I've heard otherwise, but I know an Aislinn who pronounces it ACE-linn. I've seen on here that it's pronounced differently, so maybe that's the Americanized version.|||Aislinn is ash-LEEN. I've never heard Aislina, but my guess is ash-LEEN-ah.|||Aislin is pronounced something like (AWSH-lin).|||i know Aislinn is "Ashlyn", so i suppose Aislina is "Ashleena"?

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