Friday, January 20, 2012

What do you think of these Irish Baby names?

I want to name my children traditional Irish names to keep with my heritage, but are they cute or not?

- Aislynn (Aisling is the traditional spelling) for a Girl

- Brenden for a boy

- Enna for a girl|||Aislinn would be nicer since there's no Y in the Irish language.

Brendan is a nicer spelling. I have a few family members with this name.

I don't like Enna. I prefer 脕ine (Awn-yah) or Enya.|||The first two are lovely names, but what's with the silly spellings? Aislinn or Aisling are better, like Eabha said, there's no 'y' in the Irish language. Brendan is fine as it is, spelling it Brenden just looks a bit, well, uneducated.

I've never heard of an Irish name Enna. 脕ine [pr. Awnya], yes, it's the Irish for Anne. Enya, as in the singer, is really called Eithne [pr.Eth-na], another Irish name (Enya is her stage name). There's also Etain, the old Irish version of Aideen/Eadhaoin. But Enna? Never heard of it.|||Aisling is cute, I don't like the way you spelled it though.

Im not keen on the rest, what about:

Cillian for a boy

Maeve for a girl

Aaron for a boy

Sinead for a girl

Connor for a boy

Aoife for a girl|||I like Brendan and Enna better, but I like Aislynn too. It's unique and very pretty.|||I like the first one, the second one is ehhh....and the third one is also ehh...because people will always confuse her name for Emma.|||Very nice.|||really like enna!|||i only like the last one the other 2 are kinda stupid|||I like them, though I think Enna would get called Emma accidentally a lot.

tx mom

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