Friday, January 27, 2012

What is your favourite Irish names for a girl & a boy ?

Thanks :)|||I think some of the nicest girls names in the world are Irish, but so are some of the worst.

Caoimhe and Niamh are really nice, as is Aisling. I really like R贸is铆n, but this is what we called the girl we miscarried 12 years ago so I wouldn't give it to another child of my own. I also notice there are a lot of baby Graces now, but this to me seems too much of an old person's name.

I think Gr谩inne, Graaawwwwnnnnnyyeeeerrrrrr sounds too much like being sick slowly, while Bl谩thnaid, especially the way Gr谩inne Seoige says it, sounds like projectile vomit.

For boys, Cillian %26amp; Aidan.

Apologies if you are called Grace, Gr谩inne or Bl谩thnaid.|||Not Bob that's for sure ;-)

Or Sparkling Suzannah,haha.

Our resident troll cant decide if they are male or female.

I like old names like Michael and Kevin and Padraig.

And I like Niamh, Aisling, Orla, Siobhain etc for girls.

I hate these modern chavvy names that are out now.|||Cillian %26amp; Ailbhe.|||I like the old Irish names - like Aoife, Caoimhe, Aisling for girls. For boys, perhaps Diarmuid, Finian, Oisin.|||I like sao铆rse(Freedom)pronounced seersha, for boys i like P谩draig and Daith铆|||my top ten! - Boys- O铆s铆n, Fionn, Feich铆nn, Eoghan, and lastly C贸n贸n.

and girls would be Sadhbh, Dearbhla, Sh贸nagh, Dana, or R贸s铆

Im Irish and love the old Irish names but my partner isn't and has a hard time pronoucing them|||Thanks ladyL i like saoirse too :) I love fionn or oisin for a boy of Sadbh for a girl.|||Darragh, Tadhg and Conor for boys

Alannah for girls - although some say it is irish and some say it isnt - i like it anyway :)|||Caoibhe - girl

Cainneach - boy

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