Friday, January 27, 2012

What are some uninue, old english, irish, and celtic names?

My best friend is pregnant and she doesnt know rather it is a boy or a girl, she wants it to be a surprise. But Im tring to help her come of with some names for both boys and girls. She loves old names and biblical names. So farI have helped her come up with "Evelyn Lucille" for a girl, and "Malachy Tristan" for a boy. I would really apprieciate any other suggestions as well.|||I really like Evelyn Lucille, but Malachy Tristan doesn't flow very well in my opinion. I like the name Tristan, but I'm not really a fan of Malachy.


Alana, Annabel, Alva, Ashlynn, Cassidy, Cailin, Evlin, Keely, Kylie, Riley, Ryan, Vivian


Braden, Brady, Callum, Collin, Connor, Corey, Darren, Devin, Dolan, Gavin, Gabriel, Liam, Quinn, Rogan|||Evelyn Lucille is nice,

but i prefer Tristan Malachy


Sarah Grace

Tabitha Noelle

Cecilia Annaliese

Audrina Sage

Britania Danielle

Carrington Paige 鈾?br>

hope this helps

good luckto your friend|||I LOVE the name Evelyn! Here are some that I thought of! Good luck!


Rebecca Rose

Ophelia Lynnette

Flora Eileen

Lydia Jayne

Laurel Nicole

Larina Emily

Cornelia Yvette

Joanna Marie

Elise Janette

Ella Mae Nicole

Kiersten Noel

Jocelyn Danielle

Brianna Joy

Kathryn Emily

Marian Rose

Roslyn Olivia


Teagan James

Lincoln Walker

Keagan Henry

Henry Fitzroy

Keanan John

Eric Allan

Braenon James

Rylan Connor

Tyrone Jasper

Rowen Kirk

Rodney Tyrone

Gavyn Jonah|||Cade is a classic old English/ Welsh name... Callum is cool as well. Padraic is another old Irish name. For girls, maybe Fiona or Sarah, or Rebecca.

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